About Me

I was born in Liverpool, England in 1988 and lived in the north west of England until I moved to France at the age of 21 for a couple of years, before moving back to the north west until 2020 where I decided to move towards the digital nomad lifestyle of having no fixed abode.

I now travel the world full time, looking for things that interest me, and making videos along the way.

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Generally in my videos, you'll see me walking around in public talking to people, trying things, eating food etc. I try to make entertaining videos, maybe they'll entertain you a bit, or even give you a bit of a push to do some of the things that you've always wanted to do.

I travel to places that sound cool to me, then make videos there. I don't travel to places just to make videos.

I'm sometimes criticised for being blunt, rude or aggressive in my videos towards salespeople with aggressive or deceitful tactics. It is their choice to act that way, so they can receive my response in the way I see fit. If you don't like that as a viewer, happily click away from the video and watch somebody who lies to their audience, pretending that everything is great.

I am never anything but polite to service workers or the general public in any country, unless they give me a reason not to be polite.

As of writing this, I have 28,000 subscribers on YouTube, a figure that I never thought I'd achieve. 100,000 is my goal on YouTube, which seemed impossible to me, but let's see if I can get that plaque.