PragueI was asked to be the best man for my friend’s Scott and Christine’s wedding, which was an honour. But what’s the main function of the best man? The stag do, of course. Scott provided me with a list of people that he’d like to attend the stag do, which made it a bit easier, so I contacted them all and there ended up with 12 of us heading to Prague.

I chose Prague because it’s renowned for having cheap beer, lots of bars and quite a few strippers – what’s a stag do without strippers?

We stayed at the Hotel Louis Leger, and we were put up in this hotel by our stag do organising company. In terms of location, it was good, meaning it was only 200 – 300 czk to get a taxi into town, depending on the time. Or a 20 minute walk, which seemed quicker when you were drunk! The rooms were clean and spacious, and the showers were powerful! This really helped to wake up in the morning after a long night of drinking.

The only downside to this hotel is that the breakfast didn’t seem to suit English people at all, which is something you sometimes expect in foreign countries, however, the lack of normal tea was disappointing. On the morning we were leaving, I needed a cup of tea. I’m English, and I drink a lot of tea, but they only had Earl Grey and flavoured tea, so I had to go down the street to a Costa, where I also had breakfast as none of the food at the hotel seemed appetising. I mainly ate pineapple for breakfast in the hotel. The breakfast selection was quite odd too as it had pasta and cakes available, along with hot dogs.

The staff were nice, and the wifi was free, so overall, a good hotel.


PragueOn the first night, the stag do organising company sent a tour guide to take us around the town, which was a great idea as we’d have had no idea where to go without her help. She took us to a pretty small bar about 10 minutes walk away from the hotel. Everything was a 10 minute walk according to people in Prague, no matter how far away it was – get used to it, it’s their answer to everything. We all sat down and were given free drinks and shots and what seemed like VIP treatment, and then the “police” came in and checked all of our IDs, but that’s when it turned a bit sour. They found a small bag full of white powder on the floor near the stag’s feet, so started to question him; everybody went quiet. Scott decided to argue with the police, stating that he didn’t believe they were real and had no intention of coming with them as he thought he was going to get robbed. They suggested that two of us would go in the car to the station with him to check the fingerprints on the bag, and if it was clean of his fingerprints, which it would be, then we’d be let go, and guess what, it was only 10 minutes away.

Scott finally agreed to come with the police, but as we walked outside and spotted the blue van that they wanted us to get into, he started getting aggressive, but I managed to convince him to get into the car without being arrested for something else. As we were sat in the van, the driver pulled up to a junction, and as he went to turn right, Scott’s boss Gary, pulled the keys out of the car and jumped out. In the same motion he opened the back door and pulled Scott out the car and they ran off, leaving me in the car with two Czech policemen. The problem with this wasn’t me being left alone, it was that I had set this up and the two guys were actors.

PragueI climbed out of the “police van” and explained the situation to them, and we all laughed it off. Scott allowed the actors to place a blindfold on him, and we went back to the bar as we were meant to do, and Scott was handcuffed. As he walked in, the lights were off and all of our friends and some locals who were in the bar were silent, standing around the dance floor, where a chair was sat alone. Scott was sat down and shouted at by the policemen, and he just sat in silence, waiting.

The music came on and a stripper appeared, pulling his blindfold off and then his clothes, and so on.. The lads were non-the-wiser that Scott and Gary had ruined the surprise, but it made for a hilarious best man speech at the wedding!

We spent two nights on the town in Prague, and it is an excellent place to go for a stag do, and I would highly recommend it. The Hotel Louis Leger was decent and worth staying at as it’s cheap and clean. We actually ran into another stag do for lads that we went to college with!

I hear that Prague is also a nice place to visit with your partner, but we didn’t really see this part as we spent the whole weekend pretty drunk.