AmsterdamI’ve never really wanted to visit Amsterdam. I don’t like drugs, I won’t pay for sex and I’d rather not get hit by bikes. Every time I told somebody that I didn’t want to visit Amsterdam, and they asked why, I’d tell them about the drugs and prostitution and they would ALWAYS say something like ‘Oh it’s so much more than that!’, so when Goldie found me a cheap cruise from Newcastle to Amsterdam, I decided to go check it out for myself.

I’m going to keep this pretty short, but I was right. The city was pretty dirty, I hardly saw or heard any Dutch people, it was full of drunk Brits ruining the place for anybody who was there to have a nice time. The ferry was full of drunk Geordies and the ferry was extremely overpriced whilst you were on there. It wasn’t possible to get dinner for under £30 each, on a ferry that cost £28 return.

I found Amsterdam to be quite seedy and creepy. People walking around the streets smoking weed, lads walking into the brothels on the street, cigarette butts all over the floor – nah, not my scene.

I really like Dutch people, they’re probably the best group of people I’ve come across on my travels, but Amsterdam wasn’t for me I’m afraid. People seem to be unhappy with my opinion, but I’m allowed my opinion. Not everywhere is going to be great. I’m not Drew Binsky and going to pretend everywhere is amazing. If something is shit, I’ll say it’s shit.

I had a chocolate waffle and that was excellent.

To get a better idea of how I spent my time whilst there, check out my YouTube video below.