I was invited on a Stag Do to Magaluf, and I’ve never been before so I thought I should probably visit before I turn 30, with a decent bunch of lads up for having a good time. One problem, the wedding was called off! That won’t stop us going to Magaluf, so we changed the name of the group chat from ‘Stag Do’ to ‘Lads Holiday’ and we went anyway.

The lad whose stag do it was meant to be tried to sort the situation out with his fiancé so decided not to attend, leaving a free place on our trip and if we didn’t find somebody to take his place, all of our costs would increase, but don’t worry, we found somebody… His 59 year old dad! What a legend.

The hotel that was chosen, the BH Mallorca just happens to have a resident DJ at the pool which is my old school friend DJ Craig Crompton who plays the tunes during the day around the pool, keeping people entertained and getting the pool parties going.

MagalufNot that you would, but if you are not going to party, do not book this hotel. If you want an excellent time, every day, book the BH Mallorca. There are 3 pools, one party pool, one chilled pool by the stage and the central pool has huge flumes, a wave pool and some jacuzzis.

The downside to the hotel is that it lets other people visit on day passes, which means the hotel is absolutely packed at all times during the day, and this does mean that when you go for a swim, or a dance, people move your stuff off the loungers where you’re keeping your stuff. It happened a few times to us, but who’s going to argue with 9 lads when we move it back off? The be honest, there wasn’t much time that we were lying down anyway, it was far too hot, we were in the pool, getting food/drink or on the flumes.


At night on Tuesday and Thursday, the stage pool hosts world famous artists and turns into an absolute rave – it is excellent. Whilst we visited, Martin Solveig was performing, making the first night we were there fantastic, setting us up for a killer night out on the strip.

Do not expect to get a lot of sleep here as balcony parties go on until 8am, but if you come to BH Mallorca expecting a lot of sleep, you’re deluded, it’s a party hotel.

One problem is that all 9 of us have been ill since coming home, not food poisoning, just sore throats, maybe chest infections, a bit of flu and other illnesses. However, this seems to be the norm of the island, not directly related to this hotel. Apparently, the cheap vodka used makes people ill, and it happens to a lot of people.