A country that doesn’t exist? Yeah, you read that right. Transnistria technically doesn’t exist, but it physically exists.

Transnistria or Pridnestrovie is a thin country, sandwiched between the east of Moldova and the south-west of Ukraine, close to Odessa.

The thing about Transnistria is that they have their own currency (Transnistrian Rubles), they have physical borders with border control, they have their own government and they speak Russian? Yeah, they speak Russian, not Moldovan, not Ukrainian; Russian.

I first heard about this country after watching some videos on YouTube and decided that I needed to visit Transnistria to see for myself what it’s like.

The videos didn’t show it to be a great place really, but when I got there, it was really nice, extremely safe, insanely clean and I don’t have a word to describe how cheap it was, so I’ll explain. You can also see all of this in my YouTube video. I only had a few euros worth of Moldovan Leu and maybe not even two euros worth of Ukrainian Hryvnia. I went to the exchange office and swapped it all for Transnistrian Rubles, which equalled about 8 euros. This got me (in a nice restaurant), a bottle of coke, a large 4 cheese pizza and mushroom soup in a big bread bun and I still had change.


To get to Transnistria, you can go from Chisinau in Moldova or Odessa in Ukraine. I went from Chisinau. You simply get a little bus from the bus station that takes you to the border, you walk in, get your visa (free) and get back on the bus. The bus drops you off right next to the centre of Tiraspol, the capital city – it’s that simple. You can also get off the bus in the town before where there’s a really old theme park.

Overall, I’d rate Transnistria highly and give it the exposure it deserves – it’s a great place!

Make sure you watch my video as it’s one of my favourite so far.