Chisinau, Moldova

Have you been to Moldova? Have you even heard of Moldova? Maybe, maybe not.

I’ve wanted to visit Moldova for years now as I like to visit places that others don’t usually choose to visit. I’m not into beaches or Instagram’s new fad places like Santorini or Bali – I like to go to places that are well down that list of places influencers would go to take pictures.

I arrived late at night and felt that the dark streets of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova were very quiet but seemed really safe. I found the apartment which was in a huge block of new build flats and was extremely nice inside. The prices in Moldova are really low for most things, which is because it’s also the poorest country in Europe.

I had one day to explore the city because I left for Transnistria the day after, so not a lot of time. The weather was pretty dull, not cold, but definitely grey – not great for taking photos or making a video really, but I did – make sure you check that out on my YouTube channel.

Overall, I didn’t find much to do in Chisinau, but I had some nice food and saw some nice buildings. I was in quite a lot of pain with my feet which you can see in the video below, so I had to cut the day short.