If you would like any sleep at all whilst visiting Disneyland, then do not stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort as that just won’t happen. We had a pool view, so it was obviously going to be quite loud during the day, but that’s not what you expect at 5am every morning. There were metal railings outside the hotel rooms, and each morning, little children would run up and down with cups along the railings, making an obscene amount of noise, waking everybody up. I had to go out of the room each morning and shout at them. Each morning it was a different child, not even the same family.

The access to the parks via the bus service was excellent, so quick, always on time, and all the time – you just can’t fault it.

The rooms were clean and comfortable and the restaurants were close. We didn’t spend a lot of time at the hotel, we just chose it for the third week we were there because it was cheap and on-site.

Disneyland, and actually the whole of Florida is awesome, but as I’ve been before, and even this trip for the first two weeks, we stayed in a villa, which was just so much better, however, it did mean you needed to rent a car and be over 25 to drive a rental car in the USA. I’d say to stay at a Disney hotel that wasn’t for families if at all possible, but price would dictate this I guess.