Patreon Info

I decided to make my Patreon a donation platform in January 2022, therefore, all donations to my Patreon will be used to donate to people in my videos.

I will let the donations build up until I meet somebody I think is genuine and deserves a little help, and the money you guys donate will be given to them. I'm often approached by people who try to seem genuine, but really aren't. So I'll be trying to choose these people wisely before giving any money away. I also have no intention of my channel becoming a giveaway channel. It'll be a rare video, and the amount of money given away will depend on how much is in Patreon at the time.

All transactions will be accounted for here, to keep everything transparent.

As of May 28th 2022, no money has ever been withdrawn from Patreon. This date will be updated either when something has been withdrawn, or periodically when I update my website.

If you want to donate, head over to my Patreon. There's only one tier, but if you want to donate more, you can decide the amount whilst joining.

(Patreon takes a cut of the donations before it ever reaches me. This will also be accounted for on this page)