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Italy for Winter

Trieste used to be a country, it's now a part of Italy. We checked out this small city on the border of Croatia and Slovenia, as well as visiting Venice and staying the mountains outside of Verona.
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San Marino

San Marino was the final country that I needed to visit in Europe and what a cool place it is.
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A month in the south of Spain

We found a cheap flight from Chile to Madrid, so decided to head back to Europe for winter.
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The long thin country near Argentina

I'm not sure that many people think about Chile when they think of travelling to South America, unless they plan to go to Easter Island maybe?
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Iguaçu & São Paulo

A famous waterfall between two countries and a city known for football.
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Journey to the end of the world.

I've never really thought about visiting Argentina. They hate Brits, and it's kind of out of the way. However, I was in that region, so why not.
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The safest city in South America - Montevideo

There's not a lot to do in Montevideo, but it's comfortable, people are friendly and it's very clean.
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Rio De Janeiro & Big Jesus

It feels like people love Copacobana, but it wasn't for me. Leblon was much better in my opinion.
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Back to being a kid in Orlando again

Rollercoasters and theme parks are some of my favourite things and always have been. There's no better place in the world than Orlando to visit theme parks, so I went back for a third time.
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Medellin for the first Kurt Caz meet up

Me and Kurt had been planning to do a meet-up for his fans for a while now, and I was over on that side of the world, so we decided to organise it in Medellin.
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Costa Rican Road Trip

We landed in San Jose, rented a car then drove to the Caribbean coast to a place called Limon.
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Back to Latam with Guatemala

Guatemala city - the capital city of Guatemala. Pretty cool place, it's like a chilled out, quieter Mexico.
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