Italy for Winter


Winter in Italy

After visiting San Marino for a couple of nights, we drove to Venice, stayed there for a few nights, which was pretty cool as it was completely empty. I think Venice would be awful when full and hot, but in December, it was alright.

We then stayed in Trieste, which used to be a country, but is now part of Italy. Again, decent place.

We then drove to a village in the Italian mountains called Altissimo. This was awesome, except for the slow wifi. Great views, tasty Italian food - really relaxing.

Shout out Italy.

I'm always wary of going to Italy because half of the time it's good, and the other half it's awful. Napoli is one of the worst cities in the world for example, but Bergamo is pretty good.

I'll return to Italy again, having visited maybe 10 times before.

Italian food is definitely in the top 3 cuisines too. Objectively.