Iguaçu & São Paulo


Sao Paulo & Iguaçu Falls

After crossing over the land border from Puerto Iguazu in Argentina to Foz Do Iguaçu in Brazil, we checked out Iguaçu falls, which was pretty cool. The Argentinian side was closed, but the view is much better from the Brazilian side anyway. We got absolutely soaked. If you visit, you will get wet. Wear flipflops and swimming shorts or something, maybe get a poncho.

Anyway we flew from Iguaçu to Sao Paulo to get some work done with Kurt and to chill out for a couple of weeks. We had no plans to do anything really in Sao Paulo, but we were told that we should definitely stay in the Pinheiros region, and what a good piece of advice that was. It's a nice area, but far more expensive than the rest of this insanely huge city.

For a city as big as Sao Paulo, which is the largest city in the southern hemisphere, there's literally nothing for tourists to do. Do not visit as a tourist. Also, I have never ever seen so many homeless people and addicts in one place. There are apparently an average of 5 gunshots in Sao Paulo per day. It's just not a nice place.

Maybe head to Santos so you can at least enjoy the beach. Or just visit Rio and stay in the Leblon area instead.

Brazilians seem to have this strange obsession with telling people that everything about their country is amazing, like Russians and Indians do, without realising that to foreigners that it sounds ridiculous as we can literally see that it's not true. Perhaps these huge countries rely on propaganda to keep their millions or billions of citizens in line.

A friend of mine here in Sao Paulo literally said to me with a full chest that Sao Paulo is the best city in the world for food, which is just so obviously not true.

Brazil has one of the best national football teams. That's about it in my opinion. I won't be returning.