The long thin country near Argentina


Santiago de Chile

We had decided that we wanted to fly back to Europe, but when we checked the flight prices from Brazil to Europe, it turned out to be cheaper to fly to Santiago, stay there for a week, then fly overnight to Madrid. So that's what we did.

We didn't have many plans in Chile as we hadn't actually planned to visit, but when we landed, we quickly seen that Chile is far more developed than the majority of South America. It seemed like Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are a different world than the rest of the countries in this continent. Modern buildings, clean roads, nobody hassling you as you're walking around, nobody blaring music for no reason - a breath of fresh air.

We wandered around Santiago a couple of times, just to check it out - and it's a nice place. We were just working and stuff whilst we were there, waiting for the flight to Madrid.

We'll come back when we visit Easter Island.

One very strange thing happened at the airport when we were leaving. The passport control guy decided he wanted to argue with me, to the point where he was shaking in a very strange way, as I was stood just looking at him wondering what on earth was wrong with him. He was furious, and I still to this day have no idea why. He didn't explain himself in any language. He could clearly hear that I can speak Spanish, and I asked him why he's so annoyed, he just got even more annoyed. The only thing I can think of is that he really hates British people for some reason. It was utterly bizarre. I've never had a problem at any border control, having visited over 75 countries - I genuinely think he was on drugs. All the people in the queue behind me were also very confused. I walked straight over to another guard after he stamped my passport and explained what happened and he was also very confused.

Anyway I'll probably return to Chile, but only to visit Easter Island.