Back to being a kid in Orlando again


Rollercoasters and Theme Parks in Orlando

I visited Orlando when I was 14, then again at 21, and now again at 35.

I've always been interested in theme park designs and how rollercoasters work. The faster and more ridiculous a rollercoaster is, the better it is for me. The way the park designers design different sections of the park, I find very cool, including the small details and especially the effort put into the queuing areas for rides with long queues. The whole thing is interesting to me.

As a Brit, Orlando is like the "big" holiday idea that only a few get the chance to do, as it's so expensive. The park tickets alone are ridiculous. However, when I was 14, my parents paid for us to go to Orlando, which thinking back now, was absolutely ridiculous because we definitely could not afford it. It turns out they got a bank loan to pay for it. I'm grateful, but that was a stupid decision - please don't do that for your kids, or yourself.

When I was 21 and had just finished University, I went again with my at the time girlfriend and her parents, right before I moved to France.

I've thought about revisiting for years, but never actually bothered to look into it. However, as Tanya wanted to visit NYC and had the visa, and she has recently decided to join me on some rollercoasters, we decided to go for it.

Disney isn't my thing, although we quickly went to all of the Disney parks. I've never been into Disney stuff, even as a small child. Universal is more my thing, and Islands of adventure. Busch Gardens was decent too as the queues are non-existent there. Shout out to the Iron Gwazi - that is an intense ride.

We both enjoyed it, very cool, but I think that's the last time I'll do it, unless they add a new theme park in the future.