Medellin for the first Kurt Caz meet up


First ever Kurt Caz fan meet-up

Being Kurt's manager, we're in daily contact, but as we're both full-time travellers with different plans, we're often on opposite sides of the world. We decided that Medellin was the best place for a meet up, as Kurt's fans often tell him that they're going to Medellin due to his videos giving them the idea to visit.

We expected maximum 50 people, and Kurt wasn't even sure that many would turn up. Over the 3-4 hours we were there, hundreds of people came and went. It'll all be shown in Kurt's video coming out soon on his second channel.

My thoughts on Colombia and Medellin specifically haven't changed. We stayed in a much nicer part of Medellin this time, compared to last time, but I still have the same view. It's very loud, the traffic is awful, it's full of sex tourists from the US, people are constantly trying to hustle you for money and it's now pretty expensive. I definitely will not be returning to Medellin - I have no idea why people like it so much. Prostitutes, drugs and noise - not for me.

I've been to Santa Marta and Bogota too. If Bogota was warmer, I'd say it was cool, but it's cold, so no. Santa Marta's surroundings are cool, like the Sierra Nevada mountains - that was very interesting, but the actual city, nah, never again.

We'll do another meet up soon in Europe probably.