Costa Rican Road Trip


Costa Rican Road Trip

We flew from Guatemala City to San Jose in Costa Roca, rented a car, then drove straight to the Caribbean coast which took about 4 hours with traffic. The scenery along the way was pretty cool. You go high into the mountains, sharp turns, through rainforests - all pretty much what you'd expect if you've ever looked into Costa Rica.

We arrived in Limon when it was dark, and the guy who rented us the car gave us a lecture before we drove off about car thefts. Basically, if you leave it in view, the car will get broken into. Leave what in view? Anything, he said. So I even took my phone charging cable out the car.

We stayed in a gated community type apartment with like double security. It was very quiet with rapid internet. Two of my favourite things.

During the time in Limon, we went to the sloth sanctuary which was pretty cool. They take care of disabled sloths who all look super healthy. We visited a black sand beach for a bit - although it rained a lot, it still looked strange. Not sure I'd ever seen a black sand beach before.

After about 4 days in Limon, we drove back to San Jose for a few nights, just checking out the standard tourist things in the city. I'd recommend visiting both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Apparently the pacific coast has the best beaches in Costa Rica. We had the time, but it was raining a lot so it wasn't really worth it for us.

Would probably return to Costa Rica. The people were generally friendly, I felt no danger and I think the prices were decent.