My friend and his ex-partner booked this The Hotel Maran in Faliraki and then split up. He asked if I wanted to take her place (for free – just pay for the flights), which I accepted.

The drive from the airport was short, we didn’t book transfers, just jumped in a taxi and it was quite cheap – There was a sign with tariffs next to the taxi rank.

On arrival at the hotel, the sign “Hotel Maran” was missing a letter, which was not a good start. The hotel and swimming pool was clean and the food was not too bad. I don’t remember anything being expensive either.

It was a relatively small hotel, with a decent sized pool which was cool and the weather was brilliant every day.

So the major downfall was the walk to the clubs/bars/beach in Faliraki as it was down a huge hill which took about 25 minutes – Not too bad, but when walking back drunk at 5am, up a huge incline, it is really not fun. I am not exaggerating with the incline, it’s sharp.


The staff were very friendly and accommodating.

Unfortunately I can’t comment on the breakfast as I never attended!

The rooms were so hot, it wasn’t really possible to sleep with or without the door open. Air-conditioning was available, but I didn’t see it being viable as I was only in the room for about 5 hours per day. There wasn’t really any sort of view from our room either.

I toyed between poor and average just due to the distance from the beach and the hill. The other factors are irrelevant due to the low price.

I would however, not return here. If you are going to use it as somewhere to sleep during a clubbing holiday, it’s probably not a good idea. Possibly better for a small family.