DublinWe visited Dublin for the weekend for a friend’s birthday, and the hotel was booked by another of the lads. We didn’t realise how good the location was until we got there. The Central Hotel Dublin was about 5 minutes walk away from the good bars and restaurants – don’t underestimate how good it is to have a hotel close to the bars when you’re in Dublin. You can finish the night out and be in bed within 10 minutes if you choose wisely. However, hotels in Dublin are very expensive, so if you’re going with a group, get one with a load of beds in the room – there were 4 in ours.

The only problem I have, is that the noise is unreal if you actually wanted to sleep. I wear earplugs to sleep, but the music was booming through them. However, the hotel is literally situated on the same street as bars and clubs, so you can’t really complain. We went there to party, and we were out late every night.

When you’re visiting a new city for the first time for a night out, or a weekend away, you’re going to need recommendations on where to go as it could be quite daunting and time flies when you’re drunk, so make the best of it and get to the good places to have the best time.


Firstly, we went into a pub, there was no music, but a lot of different ales. We weren’t there for ales, we were there to have a good time, talk to a load of people and to dance, whilst getting drunk, not to sit in a quiet pub with old men. After the first beer, we left and walked into the centre, wandering around wondering which bar to go into. We ended up on the street with the Hard Rock Cafe, and the group split into two accidentally, so we called the other group and they were outside a bar called Fitzsimmons. What a great shout this was; if you visit only one bar in Dublin, make sure it’s this one. It’s exactly what you’re looking for in Dublin, with live music every night on two stages, a bar with a dancefloor upstairs, with totally different music, and a nightclub in the basement.

We didn’t leave Fitzsimmons on the first night until it closed – it was that good. Drinks in Dublin are all around 5 or 6 euros, which is expensive, but you’ve got to remember that it’s the capital of Ireland, and it’s the same in Edinburgh or Belfast.

DublinThe live music varied between classic Irish music to Rock music. The most memorable part of the trip was when ‘Tell me ma’ was requested and the musician played a really fast version of it, so we decided to do-si-do, making the rest of the dance floor join in and turning the bar from a relaxed place to have a drink, to a booming dance floor.

The weirdest thing I found about Dublin is that The Spar stores have cafés, and the food is good. We ate breakfast at The Spar both mornings and I would again as the price of the breakfasts was great, and the quality of the food was exceptional for the cost.

On the second night, we decided to check out Temple Bar, which had live music, but was really busy and there didn’t seem to be a dance floor, but I’m not sure we looked hard enough, as we didn’t stay long. We went into another few bars, but nothing seemed to compare to Fitzsimmons, so we ended up back there again and it was a great night as expected.

We did go for a wander during the day to see what Dublin had to offer in terms of shopping and architecture and this lead us to Dublin castle which is a weird place as it doesn’t really look like a castle. We weren’t really visiting Dublin as tourists this time, so the amount of photographs taken was minimal, but it seemed like an interesting place.

I’m returning to Dublin soon for a stag do, and I’ll be urging the lads to go to Fitzsimmons. I don’t think you can have a bad night out in Dublin, the majority of the people there are so friendly – and oddly, there are very few Irish people. Most of the people I spoke to were Brazilian.