In the first episode of Mulvey’s Distance Podcast, I invited Leah and Lee from Borders and Beyond.

They’re an Irish couple who travel together around Ireland and around the world. In this episode we discuss the differences between travelling solo and travelling as a couple, which we’ve both done.

For example, Leah did a bit of solo female travel and travelled around Australia for a couple of years on her own. I’ve travelled to many places solo as you all know, and I’ve also travelled with Tanya as a couple, and travelled with mates like Goldie and Cai to parts of Europe.

I’ve also done a bit of group travel with lads and also mixed groups. Lee mentions on the podcast that he has been on holidays with the lads, and we’ve all done family travel when we were younger. It’s good to discuss the differences between each type of travel.

The idea was to get different points of view, from not only other travel vloggers, but from travel vloggers from a different country, to see whether there was much of a difference at all.

As we’re all stuck inside, unable to travel, I came up with the idea of Mulvey’s distance podcast, after seeing other people upload Facetime/Zoom calls – I decided to step it up a bit and produce something slightly more watchable – I hope!

More episodes coming soon with other YouTubers, so make sure you subscribe, and leave a comment on the video with your points of view.