A month in Colombia


A month in Colombia

Before we flew to Mexico, we booked a flight to Bogota from Cancun for the 2nd of January 2021 as Mexico sometimes requires an exit ticket, and that was the cheapest ticket to somewhere that wasn't in the US. Tanya needs a visa for the US and it's really hard for Ukrainians to get one - they literally need to apply in Ukraine, then have a face-to-face interview in Kyiv.

We planned on potentially cancelling the ticket and going somewhere else, but as it got closer to the date, we decided Colombia would be cool.

We flew to Bogota, and after spending 3 months in Mexico, we were met by Colombians speaking 100x faster than Mexicans. Super friendly people in Bogota, really cool looking city and insanely good fruits. Fruits and smoothies everywhere - it was awesome.

Coffee shops everywhere which is like heaven to Tanya. All with top notch coffee made right there in Colombia.

We visited 3 cities in Colombia: Bogota, Santa Marta and Medellin.

Bogota was my favourite actually - cool city with loads to do.

Santa Marta was honestly a bit of a let down, although we only went there to visit the coffee farm in Minca which was very interesting. We had no intention of going to Tayrona - we'd just spent months by the beaches of Mexico.

Medellin was very disappointing for me. Comuna 13 was ok but you literally get hounded by guides. They jump right in front of your face as you exit the metro station, then follow you around. It didn't help that our apartment had no glass in the windows. I'm not joking, there were windows, but they were simply holes in the wall with wooden shutters. Do people not like to sleep in Medellin? What on earth is that about? It's just constant noise.

Colombian food isn't very exciting, however, Bandeja Paisa Montañera is massive and cheap. It's like the Colombian version of a full English breakfast.

Again, the fruit in Colombia is fantastic. Although, Mexican avocados are much tastier, albeit smaller.

Oh also, you'll hear somebody shout AGUACATE very loud, very early near your apartment or hotel, every day.

I'm not sure I'd return to Colombia, but maybe - I enjoyed it, but not sure if there's anything specific I'd want to see.