Monaco... Nice


Yachts and show-offs

I find it very strange to take photos in front of rich people's toys, like Ferraris and shit. You see it on Instagram, some normal person posing in front of a rich car, that their friends obviously know isn't theirs. Can somebody explain to me if it's anything other than, look, I am stood near somebody else's car?

Whatever, anyway, inside the Monte Carlo casino, you need to pay to use the toilet. This is literally a building made to take people's money, and they're even doing it in the toilets. You have to pay to enter the casino, to then sit there and lose your money, it is utterly baffling to me. I know how to play Blackjack properly. I have never left a casino without having more money than I went in with. All of my betting accounts are positive, because if I lose money somewhere else on the site, I'll go win it back in Blackjack. I very rarely, bet, not even once per year, but if I do, it's usually on one boxing match, or a weekend of football. When I lose on sports bets, which I always do, I'll just go and win it back on Blackjack. People who know how to play Blackjack will understand. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose - ever.

We flew from Georgia to Hungary for a few days - cheap flight and a nice apartment. Tanya had some stuff to do there with friends. I didn't do much, so no posts about it. We then flew to Nice in France, which was very nice. Having lived in France in my early 20s, I've visited pretty much every mainland region, but I'd never been down to Nice or Monaco. Nice is actually very nice and I'd defo return.

Monaco was ok - that's about it, just ok. It's just rammed with tourists taking photos, which is pretty much why we visited. It's a very short train ride from Nice, so no reason to find a hotel there. Nice is much nicer than Monaco overall. Would recommend.

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Allez les gars.