Road trip to tick off Andorra

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Barcelona, Andorra, Basque Country and Portugal

Andorra is the second to last country that I need to visit in Europe, with the last being San Marino - I'll do that later on. I don't count Russia and Belarus as countries anymore. Don't care about your opinion on this either.

We landed in Barcelona, rented a car, then drove the 3 hours to Andorra. Turns out there's nothing to do there. Of the 4 main things to do in Andorra La Vella, two were closed. Oh well, it's a ski resort and we went outside of skiing season. It's a strange place due to the language and the location, so that's quite cool.

After Andorra, we drove to Bilbao. The goal was actually just to get to Portugal, but the drive was too long, so we stopped off in Spain. Why not choose a part of Spain that has its own language? That's the kind of thing I like to experience.

We technically stayed outside Bilbao, and then drove to see the coastal towns on the way to San Sebastian, which was also pretty cool.

After that, we drove to the border of Spain and Portugal, drove over a dam, and stayed in Miranda do duoro, which is the only part of Portugal to have its own language listed as an official language of Portugal. That's pretty cool.

It was warm, the tea and coffees were very cheap there, only 1€! Boss.

Stayed there a few days, drove to Madrid, dropped the car off and flew to Manchester.