3 weeks chilling in Phuket

3 weeks chilling in Phuket

After a month in India, visiting 8 cities, flying around one of the biggest countries in the world every few days, we needed a long rest.

We have been travelling non-stop since July 2020, coming up to two years. The longest we've stayed in one apartment is 4 weeks in Cancun, a long time ago now.

We decided that we'd fly from India to Thailand for a few reasons. Thailand is boss, the people are genuinely kind, it's very clean, the prices are good, weather is good, food is good. However, the main reason is that we knew we could get in regarding stupid covid rules. A lot of places had issues with India due to the high covid cases, but we knew we could get in to Thailand from India, and there was a flight from Mumbai, which was our last city in India.

We flew to Bangkok, stayed a couple of nights, then flew to Phuket and booked an apartment for 3 weeks. We did very little apart from eat well, exercise and relax. It was definitely needed after our hectic month in India.

I rarely have an answer when people ask me which country or place is my favourite, but Thailand is probably up there now. It's just easy to be there, it's very rare that somebody tries to scam you because you're a tourist, the food is always good, reasonably priced and people don't constantly ask for tips like in other countries. A tip should always be optional, not required due to the company not paying their staff enough.

After a few weeks in Phuket we flew to a new country a bit further east.