Amsterdam from Newcastle on £28 overnight ferry


Amsterdam from Newcastle on £28 overnight ferry

My friend Keiron found seriously cheap tickets to get a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam and back for only £28 each! This was for a cabin of 3 people - it was even cheaper if you added a fourth. 4 people in that small cabin would have been tight though!

I've been on many ferries, but never with a bed before. I have actually travelled overnight but whoever booked it decided that sleeping on chairs would be ok - it was not.

I've been told by fishermen that you should always have a full stomach before travelling and that does usually work for me, so I made sure I ate a lot before we set sail, but the problem was that the cheapest food on the boat were cookies and haribo sweets, which made me feel sick.

The ship literally sways all night, not just a bit, A LOT. It's so bizarre to feel this all night, but I actually slept ok, especially on the return leg.

So you jump on the ferry in the evening, set sail, go to the bar, games room or restaurants, then go to sleep. You wake up in Amsterdam and have until the evening until you set sail again. Pretty cool experience.

Amsterdam was a bit disappointing, but I didn't do much research before going - I'll probably return and enjoy it a bit more. Not a fan of the prozzies and weed though to be honest - not my thing, but you do you.