Estonia's abandoned gulag


Estonia's abandoned gulag

Tanya and I decided to fly to Estonia from Kyiv for Valentine's day, then jump on a ferry to Helsinki to tick two countries off in a short trip.

Whilst we were in Estonia, we stayed in an old soviet 5 story apartment block, which from the outside looks like a bit of a dull place, however, inside the apartment was really nice, well decorated and warm. We enjoyed the few days we were in this apartment.

Tallinn is tiny, but nice. We met up with Tanya's friend Denis who lives in Tallinn and he took us to some medieval themed restaurant where the staff are rude to you and it's lit only by candlelight. The food was good and the show the staff put on was pretty funny.

Denis also took us to some old pharmacy which was pretty cool.

We visited the abandoned gulag and an abandoned soviet concert hall. Both pretty cool to see. It was pretty cold in Tallinn, but we enjoyed our time there.

I probably won't visit Estonia again, unless it's to drive down that one road that cuts through Russian land, during which I'd give the middle finger the whole way. Slava Ukraini.