Angkor Squat and stuff

angkor wat mulvey.jpg
We had 3 weeks booked in Cambodia, arriving in Siem Reap for the main reason of visiting Angkor Wat, which for some reason isn't part of the Wonders of the world. I'd say it's far more impressive than the Colosseum or Big Jesus.

As we need fast internet at all times pretty much, we decided that 2 weeks in the capital and only 1 week in Siem Reap would be the best option, but it turns out that the internet in Siem Reap was rapid, as it is in Phnom Penh - very good internet in Cambodia.

So it turned out to be a bad decision, but whatever. I'd just recommend visiting somewhere else in Cambodia other than Phnom Penh if you're heading here - maybe head down to the sea.

Cambodians are cool, friendly and it's a clean country, especially in Siem Reap - very much set up to make tourists feel comfortable.

I'd heard a lot about some sort of ripping off going on when you pay in dollars, as they always return the change in riels, but it's pretty easy to figure out the exchange rate as it's exactly 4000 riels to $1, and 5000 to £1. The cash machines give either dollars or riels, and everywhere accepts both. Most places accept card too, except for little shops, as you'd probably expect. However, they do accept some sort of mobile banking by QR code.

We bought a sim card as usual, from Siem Reap airport. It was like $15 for a month and it had unlimited social media I think, and like 8gb or something that's far more than we need. This is usually the first thing we do when we land, as having data makes everything a lot easier, especially if the wifi is slow.

I tried a lot of Cambodian food. Amok is a great curry. The main thing I will remember is these steamed rice dessert things with coconut milk on them. Very, very good. If you see them, get them. You can see them in my Phnom Penh street food video.

I'll probably not return to Cambodia to be honest.