Back to Europe. 5 countries in 5 days.

We found a flight back to Europe from Bangkok for £236 each. Bangkok to Zurich, which flew overnight, allowing us to completely beat jet lag. We left Bangkok at about 1 am, had some food on the plane, fell asleep, albeit very broken sleep for me. Then we woke up for breakfast, brushed our teeth and stuff on the plane, landed, and headed into Zurich, without being knackered.

We spent a fair few hours in Zurich before getting the train to a border town called Buchs, where we stayed for the night. We actually walked to the border crossing just for a photo before eating some food then sleeping.

The next day we walked over the bridge to our hostel in Liechtenstein, dropped our bags off and wandered to Vaduz, then to Schaan after a few hours, before heading back to the hostel to sleep.

Just a quick FYI - when we choose hostels, it's always a private room. We're a couple, and in my opinion, far too old to be staying in bunks. I found them awful when I was younger, so they'd literally just be torture for me now.

We walked back over to Buchs the next day to get the train to Basel. We wandered around Basel for a while, checking out the city before getting the train to Strasbourg in France the night. We woke up and wandered around Strasbourg, checked out some stuff and had some croissants before getting the train to Luxembourg where we stayed for the night.

We explored Luxembourg for a few hours before sleeping, even walked by a guy protesting in favour of Russia and communism. Absolutely bizarre that a guy that lives in a country that you pretty much need to be rich to live in, is protesting pro-communism. Somebody has smoked and drank too much in his strange life.

We jumped on the train the next morning to Freiburg in Germany which took quite a while, changing trains like 4 times or something, but finally arrived to meet my cousin, with whom we stayed for a few days before flying back to England.

Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Luxembourg and Germany in 5 days. Technically you could count Thailand, making it 6 in 6 days, or 7 in 8 days if you count Cambodia where we were before Bangkok, and the UK would make it like 8 in 10 days. Let's go with 5 in 5.

Staying in the UK for a bit whilst we sort out admin stuff, bank stuff etc.