Kaunas. Papped by a fan.

Lithuania was our first country since returning to the UK. We only stayed for a week and worked most of the time. I had no intention of making any videos in Europe, but we were out filming for Tanya's channel. As we got off the bus at Kaunas castle, we walked down a random side street to grab a shot of some buses, as Tanya was making a video about the prices of stuff in Lithuania, this guy came out of nowhere and said "MULVEY!"

He turned out to be a fan of mine. He took a selfie then had to catch a train. No matter how many times this happens, it's still seems mad that people know who I am.

Shout out Kyran (the lad in the photo.)

Kaunas is a cool place, probably wouldn't return, but would come back to Lithuania. It's a modern country, people are friendly and the massive support of Ukraine is very cool to see.