Riga was better than expected

Mulvey in Riga Latvia.jpg
We jumped on an ECOLINES bus from Kaunas in Lithuania, which was about £20 each and took about 4 hours. It was a double decker bus with internet and a toilet. The bus was pretty empty and we were the only people on the bottom floor which was cool. No pissing about like the Flixbus we got in Odessa, that was awful.

We got to Riga at night so didn't really see much, but when we checked out the centre on the weekend, it was actually very nice. I've heard people complain that it's a bit boring and there's nothing to see, but if you're looking for nice buildings, restaurants, churches and stuff, it's pretty cool.

The support for Ukraine was great to see too.

We stayed in a studio apartment found on Airbnb which was in a strange setting - it's like it was some sort of storage room before being converted into a decent little studio. The public transport in Riga is spot on too.

Not sure I'll be going back, but it was decent.