Wizz Air cancelled flight from Poland

Why we were in Poland

We flew from Riga to Krakow to jump on a train to Lviv in Ukraine because Tanya needed a new passport and there are still not flights to Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.

So we stayed one night next to Krakow main train station, then jumped on a train in the morning to Przemsyl on the border of Poland and Ukraine and hopped on a minibus to the border crossing. The actual crossing took about 10 mins and most of it was just walking. No issues at the border for either of us. We then waited for ages for a minibus to take us to Lviv centre, because the taxi mafia in Ukraine control everything there - there's not really any better way to get to the centre as the trains are in the middle of the night. This mafia are actually friendly to customers, but would not be friendly to anybody trying to steal their business.

Anyway, on the bus to the centre, stayed two nights then jumped in a BlaBlaCar on the way back, crossed over with no issues, onto the minibus to the train station and then on a 7 hour direct train to Wroclow, which is where our flight to Reykjavik was from.

Enjoyed our short time, about 3 days in Wroclaw, then headed to the airport, checked in, sat at a cafe and 10 mins before boarding the flight was cancelled by Wizz Air. I'd never had a flight cancelled on the day before. Once in Thailand but they told us a few days before.

So what now?

We left the departure lounge and joined the queue of annoyed people at Wizz Air's desk. I'm never rude to service staff, but others are. It's not the guy or girl's fault at the desk. I just quickly asked him what the best option was. He said to get the train to Warsaw tonight, stay in a free hotel, then fly the next day late at night. So we chose this. He also told us about the compensation due after I asked him about it. He told me that the compensation is due whether we take the rebooked flight or not, so it's up to us whether we want to go to Warsaw or cancel and get a refund. We had a hotel and car hire booked in Iceland as well as the Blue Lagoon tickets. All non-refundable.


We got an Uber to Wroclaw main train station and made the last train by 7 minutes, and paid on board. Friendly staff understood the issue we had so didn't get stressed about us not having a ticket. First class trains in Poland aren't much more expensive than second class it seems. So all of these trains we took in Poland were in the first class bit.

We arrived and checked into the Hampton by Hilton which I was thoroughly disappointed with. It's no better than a Premier Inn but has this renown like it's class. Premier Inn's are better, and cheaper. Anyway Wizz Air will be getting the bill so I'm not bothered.

We asked for a late checkout because the flight is at night. They just charged us a bit, not an issue - Wizz Air's problem

I'll be doing everything I can to get the highest level of compensation available for this cancellation, so I'll keep you updated - if anybody actually reads this.

Airlines don't care about poor people

I'm not poor and I have a very flexible schedule, so issues like this are just mildly irritating for me, but that's not the problem. The problem is with people who this would be a major issue for. What if this was their flight home, and they now have to miss a day of work - what if they're fired because of it?

What if this holiday had been their dream for years, and they saved up for years to go to Iceland, and Wizz Air decided to cancel because of 'lack of staff' (the guy told me.)

None of this stuff seems to be an issue with cancelling flights, nobody cares about the poor people who can't afford to book into a hotel that night. Maybe the flight was the last of their money? They don't give you cash or a free hotel, you pay yourself and then claim it back.

Apparently it's a long, long wait for the compensation - not really an issue for me, I'm happy to wait, but what about everybody else?