Armenia - Too many Russian flags.


Yerevan and surrounding areas road trip

We flew from Sydney to Singapore, spent a few days there then flew to Dubai and spent a few days there. Both just to get cheap flights pretty much.

From Dubai we flew to Yerevan, which wasn't really the plan, but we ended up there anyway. We rented a car to check out some of the places outside of Yerevan. Prices in Armenia are very good, even renting the car was pretty good.

It was a bit cold in Armenia but we knew this before going.

Far too many Russian flags around Armenia. I get Russia backing Armenia is some sort of deterrent for Azerbaijan and Turkey invading, but that's not good enough for me. There's no need to be flying Russian flags in any country outside of Russia or Belarus. Zero interest in the opinion of anybody who has anything positive to say about Russia.
If the people of Armenia want to be swallowed up into Russia, they're heading the right way.

Taxi drivers were legit. Food was alright. Some of the countryside was really nice. No reason to go back though.