Chilling in Norway


Relaxing with a mate before crossing the Atlantic

Norway was Tanya's final country to visit in Europe (she doesn't count Russia and Belarus as countries anymore), and I've got a good mate who lives next to the Swedish border near Gothenburg. He invited us to stay with him for a bit, and our flight was from Oslo to the US, so we decided that was the plan, and we'd go to check out Oslo too.

Norway is a very modern country. The people are friendly, and straight forward. It's super expensive, but that's expected.

Oslo has some pretty cool things to see. The most famous being the Opera which is next to a dock, and you can walk up to the roof due to the strange architecture of the building.

We also did a bit of walking in nature near some fjords with Kristoffer.

It was cool to see a mate again after maybe 6 years.

We'll return to Norway at some point as we've got plans to do some fjord stuff and to check out the north.

Shout out Norway.