A 3 year-long vacation, so far

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Permanent Vacation

It's the dream of a lot of people, but we're living it due to good choices we made earlier in our lives.

We have just passed the 3 year mark on our full time travel, and we have plans this year to see far more countries, with myself having visited 70 countries, and Tanya on 67. We should get that up to over 80 by the time the 4th year has finished.

How do we afford to travel full time and not live like smelly backpackers?

We're both 35 years old and had good jobs for the first 2 years or so. Both of our companies allowed us to work remotely. Tanya was an account manager for a game design agency, and I was a web developer. We both left those jobs late 2022 and started our own separate companies.

Tanya started which is a game design agency. I started Not Bothered which is a talent management agency. Basically I help YouTubers to make more money. If you're reading this and get a decent amount of views on YouTube, Twitch or you've got a big following on Instagram or TikTok, get in touch and I'll send you deals for thousands of dollars to promote good brands. If you don't have a significant following yet, keep working, keep growing, then get in touch.

Do we plan to visit every country?

Nope. Russia and Belarus are still countries - don't support terrorism. Also, there are countries that just don't sound interesting to us so we probably won't go there unless there's a cheap flight.

Do we still just use backpacks?

Yes, they're easy to carry, and pissing around in airports waiting for suitcases is ridiculous. Neither of us care about fashion, and we want some new clothes we buy them and throw the others away.

What has changed during the 3 years?

We pay much more for accommodation now. I like to save money and hate to spend it generally, so I used to choose cheaper places to stay, thinking the savings was better than actually enjoying where I was staying. Wrong - if you can afford a nicer place, do it. For us, it has to be clean, have fast wifi, a kettle, quiet and not in a shit area. We've stayed in far, far too many shit apartments and hotels - never again. Generally we stay in hotels now too, unless we're going to be there for a few weeks, then we try to get an apartment inside a hotel, as we want the kitchen too. Sometimes we have to choose an apartment on Airbnb, but that's rare as they tend to be more expensive than nice hotels now anyway.

We no longer get stupid late or early flights, we just pay more to fly at a normal time. Avianca seem to love to fly at 3am and ridiculous times like that - no thanks. Business class isn't something I care about. I have being on planes anyway, but not enough to pay 3x for a ticket. On longer flights I will pay for seats and try to get the two seats at the back, rather than sitting in a row of 3 or 4 with other people. We've done this for our last 4 or 5 long flights and it's so much better than having to ask somebody to get up so I can go for a piss.

What next?

We carry on. If you're planning on travelling full time, do not do it with savings, that's dumb, you will literally run out of money. Secure an income, live within your means, enjoy.
It doesn't matter how bothered you are, just be less bothered than you were yesterday.