Staying on a boat in Sweden


Staying on a boat in Sweden

Throughout the past 3 years of non-stop travel, there are some things we have completely removed from our plans. The main thing being stupid o'clock flights. Wizz Air, Ryanair and Avianca all seem to love to do flights at 4am. I'd rather pay 5x the amount and fly at midday.

We were planning to go to Norway from Poland, but the flights from Warsaw were at 6am. Never again. It's just not worth the hassle. So we took the train to Gdansk, stayed for the night in a hotel with breakfast, and the flight the next day was at exactly midday. A leisurely breakfast, followed by a short taxi ride to the airport. Sit at the airport with a tea, a short flight, and then we're in Goteborg.
I have no issue with long trains, as long as there's a plug socket to charge my laptop. I find trains pretty comfortable. If the train has a cafe/canteen or some sort of vending machine - great.

We landed in Goteborg and headed to our hotel, which was a boat on the river. I'm pretty sure this boat is statically fixed to the land as it doesn't rock at all. It's a huge boat hotel - a boatel?

Anyway it was comfortable, just like any hotel. It didn't really feel like a boat, just a riverside hotel. It was nice - did the job. Swedish meatballs for breakfast.

My friend then collected us from the boatel and we drove to Norway.

I've been to both Norway and Sweden before, but this is Tanya's first visit to Norway, which completes Europe for her (minus the two terrorist states bordering Ukraine), and I just have San Marino left to tick off.