Poland again.


Poland again.

To get into Ukraine, we use the Przemsyl border crossing as it's pretty easy to do right now by train or by walking over the border. On the way out of Ukraine, we headed to Rzezsow to rent a car, then drove to Warsaw, where we stayed for 3 nights, with a road trip to Gdansk within those 3 days to see some friends. On the way back, we decided to stay in Malbork, which is home to the world's largest castle.

After dropping the car off in Warsaw, we jumped on the train to Poznan where we stayed for a week. There was no specific reason to visit Poznan, just to stay somewhere for a short while to work out, eat well and relax in a nice hotel. Poznan's city centre was completely under renovation, with every street ripped up. I assume they're doing this right before tourists visit in summer. It looks like a nice city anyway.

We had 2 weeks or so remaining in Poland, so we jumped on the train to Wroclaw and stayed in a nice apartment for 2 weeks, doing the same stuff - working out, eating well, working, relaxing, before we start flying around the world again very soon.

We jumped back on the train to Warsaw as we had some podcast episodes to record, before getting the train to Gdansk to fly to Sweden for the night.

Poland is a very cool country. Polish people are friendly, well-behaved and courteous in general. If they removed the anti-abortion law, I'd potentially rate it as one of the best countries in the world.