Ukraine Road Trip in 2023


Ukraine Road Trip

We've been to Ukraine 3 times during since Russia invaded and started their genocidal quest, but this time we ventured from Lviv, further into the country.

Tanya's family live in Cherkasy Oblast which is pretty much right in the centre of Ukraine. After that, we drove to Kyiv, the most attacked city, and the capital. Then we carried on and drove to Zhytomyr, which has a lot of military facilities and is very close to Belarus. Air raid sirens every night.

It was nice for Tanya to see her family, as we've been travelling full-time now for over 3 years, and she had only seen her dad once in that time.

We'll probably go back next year.

Evil never wins, even if some countries are still believing dumb propaganda, they'll soon see straight and realise that Russia is a terrorist state. Слава Україні.