Dubai with Kurt and Tom

Kurt Caz Mulvey Dubai.jpg
After 8 years of working for the same company, it was time to move on.

Tanya started her own digital agency called Artenko and the Kurt Caz Army was formed.

From November 1st, I'll be managing Kurt, which will mean I'll be organising him and pushing him to get videos out quicker, more efficiently, but still to the level he wants. I'll be making sure he doesn't waste his earnings, putting him in touch with the people who he needs to be speaking to, the companies he needs to be dealing with and growing the Kurt Caz Army.

I flew to Dubai to start this, and to also start my podcast, the Not Bothered podcast. As of writing this, the podcast has over 100,000 views on the first episode, which I'd consider a success.

New things happening over the next 6 months, deal with it. Don't like it? Not Bothered.