Air raids in Ukraine

We had to go to Lviv to get Tanya's new passport, and we met up with her mum, sister and nephew too.

Those 4 went out to do some stuff and I stayed and worked for a bit. I heard this loud noise outside, so I went to the balcony and it was an air raid siren. It's a harrowing noise. I was looking up at the sky wondering if I'd see a rocket, or one of those disgusting Iranian drones, but it was all good. The sirens happened again later on.

Ukrainians will never ever give up. Giving up means they would have to live under Russian rule. They would rather die.

The war stops when Russia leaves Ukraine. It's that simple. There is no war, if Russia stops. If Ukraine stops, there is no Ukraine. It's not a debatable subject. There is an aggressor, and a victim. The victim is winning.

I've been to maybe 15 countries since Russia invaded, and I'm yet to meet anybody who publicly supports Russia, even Russians that I've met since. That should tell you a lot about the nonsense you can see on Twitter.