Vesuvius and Etna

So check this out, Covid is apparently still a thing in parts of Europe - could have fooled me.

We booked the flights from Poland to Iceland, then Iceland to Barcelona. We then found out that not being 'fully vaccinated' meant you can't fly to Spain, which seems to be the total opposite of most of the world now. Ridiculous, so we cancelled that flight and flew to Napoli instead.

We checked out Vesuvius, then got a train to Sicily where we checked out Catania and Etna. Cool place. Napoli is definitely not my scene though, would absolutely not return again.

The train was so bizarre. In the photo above you can see I'm stood on a boat, and the train is on the boat. You get on this like 11 hour long train ride, then it gets to the ferry port, the train drives onto the boat, then the boat sails to Sicily, then the train drives off the boat. Mad thing, never seen or even heard of that before.

Italians had a few choices - build a bridge, no - ask passengers to walk from the train to a ferry, then get on another train in Sicily, no, just drive the train onto the boat. Si.

Whatever, it was interesting to see. Cool experience. Sicily was much, much nicer than Napoli.