Finally reunited in Ukraine after covid lockdown


Reunited in Ukraine

When I flew back home from Ukraine after our trip to Finland and Estonia, the plan was to come back quickly, but I had a trip to Turkey booked in between, where I was going to fly to Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Lebanon, but they all got cancelled. I was sat in Turkey considering jumping on the last flight from Istanbul to Ukraine before Ukraine banned tourists due to Covid, but I realised I needed a lot of stuff for work from home, so I had to fly home, cutting the Turkey trip short.

When I got home, lockdown happened and we were stuck. I wanted to grab stuff then fly to Ukraine and stay there - but I was too late.

I also had trips to China and North Korea booked - all cancelled.

As soon as Boris allowed people to fly out of the country, I flew to Italy and never looked back. I'm writing this in June 2022 and still haven't been back.

I spent one night in Italy then flew to Odessa where we spent about 3 weeks before embarking on a 2 year non-stop tour of the world.