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August 2nd, 2020

Would you stay in this Italian sleeping capsule?

Would you stay in this Italian sleeping capsule?

Have you ever stayed in a capsule hotel? What about a capsule hotel in an airport? It can't be as bad as I'm thinking, can it? I had pretty low hopes for this capsule pod, capsule hotel, whatever you want to call it. It was only £12, or 13€, but it can't be as bad as I expected... or could it? When I got there, I found out I couldn't check in until 8pm at night, which was pretty annoying as I was tired. I had been awake since 5am UK time. When I got to the capsule hotel, I realised that there was no blanket, no pillow, the wifi connection was terrible, it was loud, and worst of all, the toilet was the toilet in the terminal of the airport! It was about a 5 minute walk to the toilet and there was no shower, so I had been trekking around Bergamo all day to find out that I couldn't have a shower! This was my first (and probably last) experience staying in a capsule hotel. I have seen many videos about stay in capsule hotels and they usually look ok, not great, but ok, but this one disappointed me a lot. It was lacking even the basics and there were threats written on the wall about everything you could possibly do, like staying a minute too late, leaving any rubbish at all, and other stuff. I would not recommend staying in this capsule hotel called zzzleepandgo Bergamo Airport. I can't fully say don't try to the one in Bergamo hospital, but it's the same company, so I'd still probably say no. I understand that this capsule hotel was only 13€ but I've stayed in much cheaper places, and had a far better experience, even with private rooms and bathrooms. So I won't accept that the issues with this capsule pod are just because of the price, because that's not true. Especially seeing as though this one in the airport is actually £36 for the night normally! Which is insane! You would be far better off getting an airbnb using my discount code above and saving yourself some money. How weird was it seeing the empty airport at night? Would that experience have been eerie for you or would it have been peaceful? I thought the empty airport was quite cool, but I was annoyed at how far away the toilet was so didn't enjoy the walk!