It was getting cold in Serbia


It was getting cold in Serbia

It was my second visit to Serbia and Tanya's first. This was at a point in 2020 where basically everywhere except Serbia and Turkey were closed. Serbia had no restrictions, but it was October and summer was well over.

We had 2 or 3 weeks in Serbia before heading over the Atlantic in search for some sun.

We stayed in Belgrade the whole time, which is a pretty cool city - although I was very surprised that the prices of stuff kind of match prices in Germany, but the average wage in Serbia is much, much lower than Germany.

We visited Novi Sad for the day, pretty cool city.

My videos got pretty good views whilst in Serbia, definitely the best views I'd had on my channel at that point - but those views quickly stopped when I started to post the Mexico videos. Seems Serbs don't care about Mexico.

I'd driven through Serbia on a solo road trip a few years earlier, staying in Nova Varos, which is a dead town with literally nothing to do.

Not sure I'll ever go back to Serbia.