Cappadocia, Antalya and Istanbul


Cappadocia, Antalya and Istanbul

Turkey was open throughout Covid, so it made it a pretty obvious destination for us. Cappadocia is on like every girl's bucket list, so I thought I'd book a flight there and Tanya could take a ride on the hot air balloons.

What I didn't know that it was at stupid o'clock in the morning.

I had no intention of going on a hot air balloon - especially for like $100. Not a fan of heights, and I'm happy to just watch a video of it.

Really cool landscape - Tanya really enjoyed it.


I don't like sand, but a pebble beach I can get on with. Antalya has pebble beaches and we decided to walk to the beach before work each day. I enjoyed it. Turkey is one of the cheapest countries I've ever been to, and as somebody who likes to save instead of splurge, that's boss.


Nobody sleeps in Istanbul, ever, or so it seems. At any point, go to Taksim and there are 25 million people stood there or walking around.

Lots of cool stuff to see, but also, sleep, please.

The mosques wake you up at like 5am even if you actually go to sleep though.

Possibly the best public transport I've ever seen in a city is in Istanbul, it is excellent.


As travellers with full-time jobs, we need internet. I was also uploading daily vlogs at that point, so I needed a decent speed. After Cappadocia, we booked an IBIS hotel in Kayseri, the next city over, which is where our flight was from to Antalya. As is common throughout Turkey, the internet was so fucking slow in Kayseri too. Bizarre. Every hotel, every city - slow internet.


Yeah I'd go back to Turkey, maybe east.