Long stopover in Panama


Long stopover in Panama

Panama has this cool thing where if you book with Copa Airlines, using Panama City as the stopover or layover, you can extend the stay from a few hours, up to about a week, which is what we did.

We were stuck in Ecuador after being denied entry to Peru, and the flights out of Ecuador were either super expensive, or we weren't allowed to enter the countries for different reasons, due to covid and our nationalities.

We found a flight to Asuncion in Paraguay, via Panama City, then found out about this extended stopover thing - so we thought, why not.

We checked out the canal, the city, went crocodile hunting and actually found a small crocodile and fed it some fish.

Very, very sweaty and humid in Panama.

Heavy US influence in Panama City, even using the dollar as their currency alongside their own, which is the exact same value as the dollar.

I don't really have much interested in returning, but a lot of flights pass via Panama, so maybe we'll do it again, but I think we'd spend some time on an island or something rather than in the city.