Latin America's most boring capital city - Asuncion


Latin America's most boring capital city - Asuncion

Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed being in Asuncion, but it is super boring for tourists. There's literally nothing touristy to do in the whole city.

I asked locals, travel bloggers and read articles about what to do in Asuncion and they all said the same thing... Go somewhere else.

When I ask for something to do in a city, I mean that city - I don't expect you to tell me something to do on the other side of the country.

What is there to do in Manchester? Oh go to London. No. What is there to do in Manchester, not London. Claro?

Anyway, my travels are different than most tourists because it's more like I live in the place for a longer period of time, and do tourist stuff outside of work, rather than being on holiday. So in terms of comfort, internet speed, prices of food and accommodation, friendliness of people etc. Asuncion is good. For tourists - nope.

The most interested thing in Asuncion for me was that I couldn't understand anybody. I spoke Spanish to them, and they responded to me in Jopara, which is a mix of Spanish and Guarani, meaning I could understand parts of the conversation but they could understand everything I said. Younger people tended to change to Spanish when they realised I wasn't Paraguayan, but older people didn't, they just carried on which I thought was hilarious.

There are a lot of white people in Paraguay, even blondes, German-looking people - so it's pretty simple as to why they couldn't instantly see I was a foreigner. Whereas in Peru it's pretty obvious as generally people there are a lot darker than me.

Asuncion in general is actually pretty modern, a decent city - just nothing to do for tourists.

I won't be going back to Asuncion and probably not back to Paraguay. Maybe I'll be at the border or something, but it's not a destination I've got much intention of revisiting anyway.