Peru for 6 weeks: Cusco, Lima & Delusion


6 weeks in Peru: Cusco, Lima & Delusion

Peru was number 1 on my countries to visit. Above all other countries, I wanted to visit Peru.
Literally upon arrival, I was disappointed. That's after being denied entry a few months earlier too.

We finally were allowed to enter after being in Paraguay for a month, and as they found out we were actually being let in to Peru, Kurt and Stephan flew from Colombia to hang out in Lima with us for a bit, before going to Cusco.

Ignore the next five paragraphs if you don't want to read a rant

At border control, the guards had no idea what the rules were for letting me in as I'm British, but hadn't been in Europe for like a year or something. Anyway, I got in. They had some weird rule that you could get a rapid test in the city on the day you arrive, and if it's negative, you don't need to quarantine for 2 weeks. None of us bothered, as there was absolutely no way to check. For a country so anal about covid, that slack rule was their own problem. Lazy attempt at a restriction.

I tell you what's not lazy, but a complete waste of money. This really fucks me off as it's not a rich country. In Lima they hired an extra security force to enforce people to wear masks outside! There were literally fucking officers stood in every direction telling people to pull their masks up, what a fucking waste of public money. But, having spent so much time with Peruvians, they probably welcome it. I've never ever seen such delusion and fear from a nation of people. No matter what the TV said, they believed it 100%. there were news reports saying that 2 masks were better than one, and guess what, next week, every cunt was wearing 2 masks outside. If you're that scared of catching covid, stay home, use Pedidos Ya to get groceries delivered - not walk around a fucking market wearing 2 masks.

It gets worse.

In the supermarkets, you needed to wear 2 masks and a plastic visor. Again, go home, use an app to order, leave the sane people to shop. The rules changed every few days. Some days I'd turn up in all 3 stupid pieces of shit, then see people only wearing 1 mask, so the next day I'd turn up and be told to go back and get my visor. Honestly, fucking ridiculous.

In Machu Picchu, we were the only people there, as you can see in my video. But they had staff (more staff than visitors), shouting at me to put my mask on - what? In case I infected the bricks at Machu Picchu with the virus I don't have? Fuck off mate.


Cusco was cool but very cold. Lima was nice. Had a good time. Went to a bar with Kurt, Tanya and Stephan, got drunk and ended up at a local couple's house. Super hangover the next day, never again - too old.

It was at this point that Kurt was growing rapidly and we discussed my channel. We figured out where I was going wrong, so I made massive changes and my channel started to grow much more quickly. I've continued to improve since, actually making content people want to watch.

Peruvian green coloured mandarins or tangerines or whatever they are, were so good, that I still miss them today. No pips, massive, intense flavour. Ceviche is nice. The rest of Peruvian food just seems to be a complete copy of Chinese food, but made worse somehow. There seems to be some serious propaganda within Peru that their food is world class - it's not, sorry Peru. It absolutely cannot be put up there with Mexican, Indian, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese and so on. Not even in the same league.

Would I return to Peru? Nah. Many more countries to see in the world.