She made me into Mr Cusco!

She made me into Mr Cusco!

It's cold in Cusco in the mornings and they have some really cool traditional clothing here, so instead of wearing all black like I started the video in, I tried to find some nice ladies selling traditional Peruvian clothing, or at least traditional Cusqueño clothing, to change me from my all black gringo outfit into Mr Cusco.


She did it, she made me into Mr Cusco. The brightest dressed man in the world.


I enjoyed making this video and I'm glad I could help the ladies a bit by spending some money with them on stuff I didn't really need. If you're supportive enough to make it to the end of the video, there's something there in the last clip for you, You know what to do.


I bought a traditional Peruvian hat, a sweater, a mask with the Cusco band on it, some long socks and some really thick gloves. The hat and the gloves are reversible too, pretty cool.


Shout out to the ladies too who were more than happy to be in my video. One of the ladies (Patricia) took a few photos of me using my phone which you can see on my Instagram. Make sure you follow me over there for up to date stuff.


Have you been to Cusco, or even Peru?