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May 10th, 2021

I rented Machu Picchu for myself on my birthday

I rented Machu Picchu for myself on my birthday

I rented Machu Picchu, for my birthday. Well, that might sound like I rented the whole place to myself, that's not true, I did rent (pay for entry) Machu Picchu for myself, for my birthday and it just so happened there was nobody else there when I arrived, apart from Tanya, my other half. Can you think of a better way to visit Machu Picchu? On your birthday, away from tourists, clear blue skies, silence? What an awesome experience to visit one of the seven wonders of the world.\ I thought I'd spice the video up a bit by munching on a bag of coca leaves throughout. Can't really recommend them as I didn't feel much, if anything. Maybe my cheeks were a bit numb but the taste is pretty bad and I didn't feel any sort of high. There's a reason why Machu Picchu is literally on everybody's travel bucket list. I'm usually pretty underwhelmed when I visit very famous places, as I've seen pictures and videos of them for years, so it's not shocking, but Machu Picchu is a bit different. It actually looks like the pictures and videos which are usually photoshopped. Mad place. Would recommend.