Local invites us to eat with him at Surquillo market

Local invites us to eat with him at Surquillo market

Markets are a great way to get to know what the locals get up to, what sort of produce they buy and a good place to find some really local food. That was the plan for me and  @Kurt Caz  in this video. We decided to check out two markets in Surquillo, just outside of the Miraflores part of Lima, the capital city of Peru.


Before we entered the market, we had to buy some visors as that's the rule in Peru for some reason, and whilst we were buying, some old guy came up to us and said to find Lucy on the 2nd floor, which we kind of brushed off as it seemed like a sales tactic.


After wandering around looking at all of the stuff available in this Peruvian market, we were walking up the stairs to the 2nd floor and were beckoned by a lady from above, which turned out to be Lucy, and the guy turned into the star of the video. Shout of Ephraim. The funniest guy in Surquillo.


It was really nice to be invited to eat with Ephraim, such a nice guy and he and Lucy tried to teach us some of the Quechua language. It looked like Ephraim enjoyed himself too!


The food was excellent, especially the ceviche.


Would you have sat and ate with Ephraim? We enjoyed it. Also, remember that Peru had a strict lockdown and people like Ephraim may have been sat at home alone for a very long time, not only in Peru, but in other countries around the world. Be nice to people, even if they don't turn out to be hilarious like he was.