Abandoned hospital in Romania


Abandoned hospital in Romania

We were heading back into Europe, aiming to get to Ukraine to sort some things out and that lead us to fly from Bulgaria to Romania. I'd never been to Romania, even though the flights from Liverpool and Manchester are so cheap, but it just never happened.

We landed at night and stayed in one hotel for the night, which was pretty poor. Although it looked clean, there wasn't even any toilet roll, but we always have a roll with us for situations like this.

We woke up, grabbed some breakfast, then headed to our apartment which we'd be in for the week. This apartment was pretty nice actually.

I was looking for some things to do for my videos and I stumbled upon this abandoned hospital idea online, but nobody seemed to give any info on exactly where it was. I had to research hard, and found a video some guys did about 10 years ago, and managed to track it down by seeing a huge building in their video, which allowed me to check Google street view to find where the hospital might be, To actually find it, I had to go and look myself, and it seemed impossible to get into, but I did. Check the video out.
Romania was alright, but we only stayed in Bucharest which is a bit run down. I'd go back to Romania to check out some other parts.