Back to Ukraine


Back to Ukraine

For anybody reading who doesn't know, Tanya, my other half, is Ukrainian. We had been travelling non-stop at this point for a year, which wasn't the plan, we originally planned to do a month or so then return to Ukraine, but we kept buying flights, and now this is our life, we are technically homeless.

Her laptop was on its last legs, our bank cards were running out or blocked and we weren't far away as we were in Romania, just over the border. We chose to jump over the river in to Odessa then make our way to Kyiv, then to Lviv, then to Tanya's parents in the Cherkasy region.

We replaced Tanya's MacBook with an iPad, she got some new bank cards, I had my mum send over a box of stuff like bank cards and other stuff to Tanya's sister in Kyiv, which I collected. All stuff I would have brought with me if I knew we were going to be travelling for this long.

Kyiv was packed with soldiers doing some parade. There were so many, it was mad. Turns out they will have been getting prepared for Russia to invade, again. That's just life as a Ukrainian - when will Russia try to kill us all again?

We left the country and headed to Montenegro to start the second year of our travels.

I'll continue to return to Ukraine again and again.